Handyman Hunter - Website Development


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We are pleased to announce we have just launched a new website for Handyman Hunter - an online network of contractors that are looking to revolutionize the handyman industry.

Handyman Hunter will use their new website, along with social media marketing and online promotions to build their contractor network and customer base. The company’s executives have far-reaching connections in the industry and it won’t be long before Handyman Hunter is the go-to resource for booking a contractor for your home renovations.

We began this project by helping name and brand the new company. After the branding process began, we extended it into a website and social media tactic. The website is custom coded HTML5 with fully responsive framework which enables desktop, tablet and mobile compatibility and fits the search engine indexing by big players like Google.

It was a pleasure working with Handyman Hunter and there is no question they have the talent and ability to grow their network all over North America. If you need a contractor for your home renovations, or if you are a contractor that would like to connect with this network, visit www.handymanhunter.com and contact them online.


  • Website content creation
  • Custom written responsive HTML
  • Social sharing
  • Custom web forms
  • Search engine optimization package
  • Premium web and mail hosting
  • Updates, maintenace and performace reports

Technology we used

  • Web-friendly content writting
  • HTML5
  • Third party social web integration
  • Custom PHP written contact forms
  • SEO and custom written meta data
  • Premium 4G HTML and mail hosting
  • Fully responsive framework